"Mentoring Leaders, Multiplying Disciples"

The IDMC Global Alliance seeks to promote intentional disciplemaking in local churches as well as to establish a global network of intentional disciplemaking churches.

It serves the global Church through leadership mentoring and consultations, discipleship conferences and retreats, as well as practical internships and training. Edmund regularly mentors top-echalon leaders locally and internationally; such as Bishop Esayas, a denominational leader, who leads a discipleship movement in Ethiopia with 3000 key pastors and 282,000 trained lay-leaders, in a denomination of 7.5 million people in 8000 churches.

One of the highlights of 2013 was the inaugural Global Discipleship Congress (GDC 2013) hosted in Manila from 22-25 May 2013, which was a resounding success on many counts. Gathering over 7,000 delegates from 61 nations, we heard deep messages from the likes of Ravi Zacharias, Robert Coleman, Luis Bush, Peter Tan-Chi, Randy Pope, Bill Lawrence, Edmund Chan, Ann Chan and others.

We also heard from, and prayed for, the Chief Justice of the Philippines and the President of the Philippines, as they shared their faith and aspirations respectively with the appreciative delegates.

Also, a total of US$192,000 was raised through the IDMC Global Alliance partners to sponsor 250 third-world leaders to attend the conference.

The message of intentional disciplemaking continues to be brought to many by Edmund and Ann Chan. By Gods grace, their speaking engagements have been filled 3-5 years in advance to speak in many parts of the world, including gateway cities in USA, Brazil, Africa, Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, UK and some parts of Europe.