Over the years, I have actively refined the vision of our Group of churches in Gods kingdom ministry within our nation and beyond. In 2013, we further clarified leadership of our churches to be politically, culturally and spiritually alert in a nation with multi-cultural and multi-racial mix.

I have articulated the vision of our Group with 3 Bs. These 3 aspects of our vision aim at restoring the fallen man back to our Kingdom Gospel. Outworking of the Great Commission involves discipling people; building them to be the Church with Jesus as head; and be on Christs Gospel mission into communities, the nation and nations globally.


The 3 Bs of the NLRC Vision is articulated as below:

  1. Bring up People (disciple-making; evangelism to spiritual maturity)
  2. Build the Church (train in corporate purpose and responsibilities)
  3. Bless the Nations (church in national and global kingdom influence)

Ministries in 2013
We describe ministries 2013 in line with our 3-fold vision in our theme of Year of Gods Jubilee:


Concluding Remarks (Jesus the Centre of it all)

Gal 5:1 (MKJV) Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free

Ministries 2013 were aimed at building people in boldness of faith toward God through gazing at what Jesus had accomplished at the Cross, Resurrection and Ascension. Boldly approach the throne of grace and have all our needs met because God sees us with eyes of compassion through seeing His Son Jesus who loved us and gave himself for us. Jesus is the mediator.

Ministries of good works out of such faith lead people to the kindness of God that will also lead them to repentance. 2013 was declared as the Year of Gods Jubilee for our churches. It was aimed at the internal reality of spiritual freedom becoming the external reality of Gods release, restoration, rest, renewal and rejoicing for the people.