Rev. Chungsuk Kim

Pastor Kim is privileged of being the senior pastor of the largest Methodist church in the world. His congregation is known by its innovation and mission mind. They strive to the leader in spreading gospel through out the world, and having that goal in mind, his church has made astonishing achievements in the world ministry.

Before his ordination, pastor Kim worked as Ministered as the parish pastor of Kwanglim Methodist Church; as the General Secretary of KMRI(Ministerial Research Institute of Korea), and as a church planting worker, planting the Eden Methodist Church. He was ordained by the Methodist Church in Korea in 1992.

Since 2001, Pastor Kim has served as the leading pastor of Kwanglim Methodist Church, in Seoul, Korea. His congregation is considered the largest Methodist church in the whole world. Dr. Kim has a bachelor degree from Seoul Theological Seminary (Seoul, Korea - 1987), a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary (USA - 1994), and a Doctor of Ministry degree also from Asbury (USA 2004). His D. Min dissertation had the following title: Developing Leadership of the Small Group in the Local Church.


Kwanglim Methodist Church

The Korean war in the 1950s left the nation totally battered with pain and sorrow. It was left devastated with streets full of orphans and beggars.

God, however, granted this land new hope through the churches. One of the churches God worked through was Kwangheemun church, the forerunner of Kwanglim. In no time Kwangheemun church became overloaded with rejoicing people who learned the secret of the Gospel of hope. This led to the establishment of a branch church in 1953 which was named 'Kwangheemun 2nd Church

Thanks to the wholehearted prayers offered by the members of Kwanheemun 2nd church, a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a church building was held in1954.. This was one year after the opening of the branch service at the Koya temple and when the name of the church was changed to 'Kwanglim'. Kwanglim comes from the first syllable of Kwangheemun church and the second syllable of Ssanglim-dong, which is where the new church is to be constructed. It means the burning bush which has its origin in the Book of Exodus, Chapter 3, from the story of the flames of fire from within a bush.

The Lord blessed the land of Kwanglim as a holy land, He gave the church a mission to light the world as the flames from the bush did. Faithful members of Kwanglim and the church, which grew over time, became a model for the churches in Korea and offered spiritual leadership for the people and the nation at large. Such remarkable growth was built upon Rev. Sundo Kim's outstanding ministerial philosophy granted by God. Now, the Lord has placed Kwanglim church under the leadership of Rev. Chungsuk Kim to heal and light the world and to stand in the forefront, illuminating the path to the future.

John Wesley, founder of Methodism, stressed on the need to extend the teachings of Jesus to the society. He said Christians should reach out and declare the words of salvation in the social context. According to his teachings, Kwanglim church is committed to share God's blessing by spreading the Gospel and will of God.

In a hope to bring as many souls before the Lord, Kwanglim church has set up a Welfare foundation and is operating a Welfare Center to provide quality programs and services to the local community. In addition, Kwanglim Social Service Center is constructed through which better welfare programs and well advanced systems are to be developed. To cater to the cultural needs of the congregation and community members, cultural events such as art exhibition, music performance, and opera are hosted at BBC Hall, JangCheon Art Hall and Gallary


*Core Values

Community that lights up the world : LIGHT

Loving : A Community of love reaching out to its neighbor and to God through positive faith.
Positive faith is formed when the heart is opened. Worshipping God with an open mind, therefore, makes room for God to dwell and reveal himself and is a true manifestation of our love for the divine. Through worship we develop a heart to serve our neighbors. The bountiful presence of God experienced through worship brings us to learn to serve and care for our neighbors.

Investing : A Community paving the way for a creative future through spiritual abundance.
Faith provides us spiritual abundance which guides us to a new world. It also encourages us to invest in, support and guide our future generation to creativity by setting up a new paradigm of communication for spreading the Gospel and for culture and education ministry.

Growing : A growing and maturing community based upon people pursuing sincere life.
A life of sincerity is achieved when we live the word of God. Followers of Christ, therefore, must seek to grow and mature in faith by learning the knowledge of God. They should also engage in holy fellowship by taking part in cell group meetings and mission societies to be disciplined in the holy way of God.

Healing : A community working the miracle of healing through love.
Love brings healing by connecting with the inner soul. It helps people lead a healthier life by restoring their heart, their life and relationship. In the same way a mature community of love brings the presence of God by serving and caring for each other and extending the power of healing to all those who are hurt.

Transforming : A community bringing transformation through obedience in one.
Being one means to live a Christ-centered life while obedience refers to the attitude towards living a life of martyrdom. Confessing everlasting truth in faith and living in obedience accordingly will not only bring transformation but enable us to live a life of discipleship, preparing us to witness in a unified Korea as well as all around the world.