Anyang First Presbyterian Church (AFPC) Ministry for 2013

Mission and Outreach at Anyang First Presbyterian Church (hereafter AFPC) is focused on seeing individuals and communities transformed through evangelism, discipline and short-Term Mission Trips. One thing that AFPC wants to highlight regarding the church ministry for 2013 is that our congregations aim to be consistent with what the Bible tries to say on how admirably clear evidence of the Bible correlates with our attitude toward Gods mission. In order to accomplish the mission of Gods kingdom, we concentrate our congregations energy and resources on three main areas, namely: Short-Term Mission, Southern China Mission and JinDo & JiriSan Summer Mission Trip.

1. Short- Term Missions
God has given AFPC ten countries around the world, within which we fully engage, all of our mission efforts. These include: Nepal, Philippines, Jordan, Cambodia, Vietnam (Winter), Kazakhstan, Northeast Malaysia, Russia Uganda and Myanmar (Summer). Our short-term mission teams are made up of young adults and adults with varying backgrounds, so team members can learn from each other as they work together and see first-hand how God is working to show his love to the world. AFPCs short-term mission teams are groups of individuals with a mission to turn non-Christians into fully devoted Christians. Overseas Short-Term Missions are designed to help missionaries AFPC supports during summer and winter, sending well-prepared church members for the appropriate length of time (10~15 days). While staying in the mission sites, team members have Q.T in the morning and prayer time at night every day for the missional lives. Where we partner with strategic local ministries in sharing the Gospel involved in ten countries to help to transform individuals and communities through evangelism. Not only that, short term mission teams aid in community development and the promotion of social justice through church-planting, medical care and care for the poor.

2. Southern China Mission
AFPC strongly believes that China is highly strategic for Kingdom purpose and worthy of our churchs investment of time, treasure and talent. AFPC has trained pastors in southern area of China by helping place them with practical pastoral skills. This Southern China Mission is for pastors who think that God may be leading them to advance the kingdom of God in China but are not clear on their pastoral direction, or are not yet able to commit to a deeper theological education. During training, pastors at AFPC offers research tools that will enable local pastors to ascertain their own theological background as well as those among whom they are ministering. The lectures include Evangelism Explosion Training, Bible Panorama, Intercessory Prayer and biblical classes etc. Under the leadership of AFPCs pastors, we have assembled a great curriculum that emphasizes the integration of biblical reflection, penetrating authentic compassion for the lost. Pastors can experience various ministries through the practice lectures, learn about the core value of the church and think through the next step in their journey with God. AFPC wants to unleash that wide scope of resource into each of our focus to meet needs, bless people and transform lives and communities. At the end of the class in 2013, local pastors were encouraged to return home to receive formal theological and biblical education before engaging in further ministry.

3. JinDo & JiriSan Summer Mission Trip
Starting from Jindo & Noeun in 2005, AFPC has expanded its areas for the mission to Naju, Gokseoung, Mt Jiri area in Gurae and ChungJoo. Every summer, these domestic mission plans are made for practicing the love of Jesus at the mission sites. Young adults preach the gospel to non Christians in collaboration with local pastors and show Gods mercy to local church members by providing practical help. Summer Mission Trip includes the village feast, medical care, free hair-cut, wall paper ministry and evangelism with special performance. At the heart of every effort of this summer trip is to let non-Christians know Gods desire to bring people to himself and establish Gods reign in rural areas. Every summer, many young adults give up their summer vacations by challenging themselves to courageously face the indifference and self-indulgent minds that keep them from whole-hearted dedication to the mission of God. Even though some people cant join summer mission trip for some reasons, they also support the team through prayer or contributions, so that they get involved at home to help prepare team that are headed out. In this sense, all congregations join the Summer Mission Trip.