GBI Keluarga Allah started as a fellowship of 7 members, which then continuously grew to finally become a church on 10-September-1989. The Senior Pastor, Ps. Obaja Tanto Setiawan was a successful textile businessman of his days, yet was willing to give up his business to respond to God's calling to him. His spirit preferred to pastor Gods church. GBI Keluarga Allah carries the vision from the Lord to Save The Lost At Any Cost. Therefore, anything this church does, it is to save the lost souls, which is exactly what Lord Jesus did Himself. By applying the method of ministry the way Lord Jesus Himself did it, which is The Principle Of 12, GBI Keluarga Allah has experienced an amazing of multiplication of saved souls. At present, + 33.000 are in the congregation members list. By Gods help, GBI Keluarga Allah keep on spreading its wings to serve through other sectors. In education sector: Pelita Nusantara Kasih Christian School ? an international-caliber school which offers schooling programs from play group, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior and Senior High School; El-Shaddai Theological Institute ? a theological higher education institute to prepare workers of Christ who are ready to yield plentiful fruits for the Kingdom of God. In public media sector: Radio El-Shaddai FM 101.20 whose broadcast can reach all corners of the world through the internet streaming from; Terang Abadi Television (TATV) - a local TV station to serve as the salt of the media world in Solo city. Social sector: Orang Tua Asuh (OTA) program ? a Foster Parents program which gives help to children who otherwise cannot afford school; Free Ambulance and Free Funeral Car; El-Shadday Training Center (ETC) which trains productive skills to congregation members for a better livelihood. Business sector: Els Coffe and Bookstore; Keluarga Allah Fried Chicken (KAFC) to help create jobs field for people who need jobs. GBI Keluarga Allah has also become a blessing for many churches worldwide through The Principle of 12 Church Conference. The conference participants have come from many countries, among others: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, and many others.

For 21 years, GBI Keluarga Allah has become a church with a significant impact for our city, our nation as well as for other nations. Back then, GBI Keluarga Allah had 4 houses of worship or churches, in the following cities : Solo, Jogjakarta, Wonogiri and Jakarta. At its 22nd Anniversary God gave the vision Soar Like An Eagle , and just in the next 2 years there were 4 more churches opened in 4 other cities : Madiun, Ngawi, Semarang, and Magelang. In 2013, entering its 24th year of serving, GBI Keluarga Allah received a new vision from God: The New Wave Of Gods Divine Movement Has Come. In just 2 months, God just suddenly led us to open 4 new churches, they are: Young Professional Church Jakarta, Purwokerto, Klaten and Boyolali. In the next 3 months, God opened 6 more new houses of worship in the following cities : Bandung, Salatiga, Baturetno, Samarinda, Jayapura, and Surabaya. In fact, at the moment, there are 6 more churches being prepared, to be soon opened as new houses of worship in Sorong, Batam, Sidareja, Wamena, Palur, and Grogol. All this is Gods divine wave being sent to His church, GBI Keluarga Allah. For this very reason, GBI Keluarga Allah is at present focusing on responding to the progressing new wave of Gods divine movement, namely the opening of churches far and wide. At present, GBI Keluarga Allah has set a goal to reach the vision: 1 Million Souls To Be Saved; all for Gods glory alone.