Short Bio of Rev. Dr. Abraham Alex Tanuseputra

Rev. Alex Tanuseputra experienced the first miracle from God in 1965 after the resurrection of a boy whom he runs over by his car. Since that personal encounter, Ps. Alex Tanuseputra served the Lord as evangelist and prophet travelling many cities and established 14 churches.

In 1978 God called him to move to Surabaya city and started Bethany Church as founder and senior pastor. The church has grown extensively by Gods Grace and dedicated a brand new 9.000 sq. meters Church Facilities at Manyar with 4,000 seating capacity auditorium in 1987. Since then, Bethany church has grown became very strong movement by planting thousands of churches all across Indonesia and by sending thousands of pastors and missionaries. It became international ministries too by planting churches outside Indonesia/overseas.

At the year 2000, Ps. Alex Tanuseputra dedicated one the largest Church building in the world at 8 Hectares Property in Nginden with 20,000 seating capacity at first and which extended on 2009 to become 35,000 seating capacity Auditorium. It is the largest indoor auditorium in South East Asia.

Ps. Alex Tanuseputra is also known internationally and frequently listed on the Top Ten Largest Church Statistic in the world. Ps. Alex Tanuseputra is the father of faith for Indonesia (new name given: Abraham) and also apostle to many pastors and leaders. His spiritual sons and daughters have spread out across Indonesia and overseas, and many of them become mega churches pastor too in their own cities.

Ps. Alex Tanuseputra currently is building the tallest prayer tower in the world at Jakarta city. (Jakarta Tower height is 558 meters above the ground with total project above 500Millions US dollars).

Bethany Surabaya currently is building hospitals and 3 others church centers across city of Surabaya. With over 150,000 members worshipped every Sunday at many Bethany Surabaya church buildings spreading across the city of Surabaya. Currently approximately there are over half a million members of Bethany Churches Movement in Indonesia and overseas.

Short Bio of Rev. David Aswin Tanuseputra

Rev. Aswin Tanuseputra has served alongside his father for many years helping the construction of the church buildings across Surabaya city and also served as the co-pastors of Bethany Surabaya. He inherit faith of Abraham from his father, and appointed as the Chairman of Bethany Synods twice already since 2008 until 2016. On 12th July 2012, he is ordained as the senior pastor of Bethany Surabaya and given new name: David.

At this moment, Ps. Aswin Tanuseputra is having vision to build a complex of 50 hectares church facilities with even dreaming of building Olympic Soccer Stadium. (To this date has acquired more than 20 hectares already at west part of Surabaya City). As the second generation, God is using Ps. Aswin Tanuseputra extraordinary reaching many younger generations and leading-producing the very best Praise and Worship and Multimedia production.