Church Overview
As of today, Tung Fook Church have 5 church sites. The total number of congregation is above 5,000, with more than 30 services for different age groups each week.

Since 1998, the church received the calling from God to serve the poor, the orphans and widows. With this vision, the Church has been actively involved in reaching out to deprived communities in these years.

  • The Churchs vision on serving the poor:
    - to follow in the path of Jesus Christ
    - to serve and show love to people particularly those who are deprived and in need
    - to provide the poor with what they need in a dignified manner
    - to impart a vision to those who are in the marketplace to share the resources with those who are in need in accordance with God's ways
    - to impact the society with a vision of hope and love
  • Social Care Ministries include:
    - Gem Gem Ministry (serving mentally impaired children)
    - Prison Alpha
    - Food Distribution for Special Needs
    - Regular Food Bank Services
    - Tutoring Services to South Asians students in Hong Kong
    - Evangel Children Home Bible Study Ministry
    - Other Outreaching Activities including carnivals, fun fairs, festive celebrations, love feasts etc.